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Jury Awards Plaintiff a Fraction of Demand in Admitted Liability Matter

Published 11.20.17

In a recent matter in Los Angeles Superior Court involving a car accident, the jury returned a verdict awarding the plaintiff a little over 10% of his final 6-figure demand. While Walsworth’s client admitted liability in her failure to stop at a red light, the nature and extent of the damages including injuries, past and future medical treatment and loss of earnings were all disputed. Plaintiff claimed permanent injuries to his cervical/lumbar spine from the incident, but a CT scan taken prior to the subject accident showed pre-existing multi-level degenerative disc disease. Walsworth suggested, and the jury agreed, with $0 for future economic losses because the defense’s medical expert opined that plaintiff has recovered fully from his injuries from the incident that occurred four years ago, and has been back to work. After deliberating for a little under two and a half hours, the jury returned its verdict that was 30.5% of the last defense offer to plaintiff, allowing Walsworth’s client to recoup significant costs to defend the case.

The defense was represented by Tom Scully and John Sinclair from the Orange County office.