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Disney Reviewing Whether its ‘No Swimming’ Signs Need Alligator Warning

Attorney: Laurie E. Sherwood | Published 6.17.16

Walsworth Partner Laurie Sherwood, who focuses her practice on travel, tourism and public entity litigation was interviewed by the Miami Herald about liabilities and the possibility for a lawsuit against Disney as a result of the alligator attack on a two-year-old child.

“That’s how our country operates,” she said, adding that in this case, however, “Disney may seek to resolve this before there is any litigation or lawsuit filed.”

Sherwood said the specifics of the case, including exactly what happened that night, whether the guests were given additional information upon check-in and whether they had knowledge of the problem, will play a huge part in the outcome.

But, in general, she said a property owner “has a duty to keep his property reasonably safe.”

“There’s a question here of foreseeability or the likelihood that this would happen,” she said. “This is a really rare occurrence.”

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