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Leave Ruling Favors Employers

Attorney: Sage R. Knauft | Published 1.12.18

A recent ruling by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago challenged the statute regarding medical leave of absences under the Americans with Disabilities Act, stating that employers are not obligated to provide employees a prolonged leave. This ruling has come as a relief to many employers, as indefinite leave of absences often bring about an air of uncertainty as to when the employee will be able to return to work, or whether they will need to hire a temporary replacement.

Walsworth partner, Sage Knauft, offered his insight to Business Insurance regarding this matter, suggesting that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s position may change now that it operates under a Republican administration, but we “just don’t know how fast” that may happen. Sage explains, “It’s been ingrained for so long that I don’t know it’s something that’s going to change on a dime.”