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Proceed Cautiously With #MeToo Harassment Investigations

Attorney: Sage R. Knauft | Published 3.19.18

The U.S. is seeing a huge influx of sexual harassments allegations amidst the recent #MeToo movement. As a result, more and more employers are seeing such allegations in their own workplaces and are looking to attorneys for counsel on how to handle these matters. A handful of these attorneys recently sat with Business Insurance to offer their advice on addressing sexual harassment in the workplace, such as making sure to not promise confidentiality and gathering evidence not related to human beings, such as documentation or video surveillance.

Walsworth partner Sage Knauft also offered his advice to Business Insurance on carrying out an unbiased investigation by hiring someone who does not know either party to the complaint. “Obviously, if someone knows or works closely either with the claimant or the alleged harasser, that appearance of impartiality is going to go by the wayside,” Sage points out.

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