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Walsworth Attorneys Offering Presentation on 2023 Changes to California Real Estate Law and Avoiding Litigation Pitfalls

Attorney: Anna Greenstin Kudla, Allegra P. Dariev | Published 2.9.23

Walsworth Partner Anna Greenstin Kudla and Associate Allegra Dariev are offering a one-hour in-person or virtual seminar to real estate professionals in California on 2023 changes to real estate law, and strategies to avoid common litigation pitfalls.

Topics covered in the presentation, include:

  • Recent changes and new forms
  • Diligence disclosure
  • Documenting material facts that affect the value and desirability of a property
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation

Ms. Greenstin Kudla regularly lectures to California real estate professionals about liability exposure. Focusing on the recent changes in real estate law and highlighting current court decisions, she imparts knowledge accumulated through her defense of real estate professionals and companies over the past 20 years. In 2021, she was identified by The Los Angeles Times as a Real Estate Visionary, and in 2022, she was selected by the Continuing Education of the Bar to be a guest lecturer on the topic of pre-litigation demand letters.

Ms. Dariev utilizes her unique professional experience and passion for real estate to provide her clients with dynamic and personalized representation in all aspects of litigation. After joining Walsworth, she has become a valuable resource for comprehensive motions for summary judgment and summary adjudication; recently winning one such motion in a multi-million dollar commercial real estate matter.

If you are interested in having Ms. Greenstin Kudla and Ms. Dariev present to your agency, please e-mail