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Walsworth Client Granted Motion for Summary Judgment in Complex Employment Case

Attorney: Mary Watson Fisher, Elizabeth L. Huynh | Published 11.16.22

Walsworth Partners, Mary Watson Fisher and Elizabeth Huynh recently obtained summary judgment for a large financial institution in an alleged interference with family medical leave rights, retaliation, discrimination, and wrongful termination case.

The claimant in the case alleged she was subjected to a retaliatory termination when her employment was terminated days before beginning a medical leave. She also claimed that the termination was evidence of age and medical condition discrimination.

During the claimant’s multi-session deposition, Ms. Fisher elicited several, key, favorable admissions proving the claimant interfered with a sexual harassment investigation, which was the basis for her termination.

Ms. Huynh used the claimant’s testimony in conjunction with testimony and declarations from numerous defense witnesses to support the motion. She led oral argument and advocated that Walsworth’s client was justified in terminating the claimant’s employment, and the claimant lacked evidence to prove her termination was motivated by a discriminatory or retaliatory animus.

The arbitrator agreed, finding that there were no triable issues of material fact and that summary judgment was proper.

The firm is very proud of Ms. Huynh, Ms. Fisher, and members of its staff, for their exceptional work on this case. For more information or specific guidance, please contact Mary Watson Fisher or Elizabeth Huynh.