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Walsworth Participates in the 2021 Spring Run for Justice

Attorney: Dee Cohen Katz, Cindy R. Hughes, Chelsea Ner | Published 5.20.21


This past weekend nine Walsworth staff and attorneys participated in Public Counsel’s Spring Virtual Run for Justice. Pictured below are Amrit Dhaliwal, Hailey Swanson, Cindy Hughes, Dee Cohen Katz, and Chelsea Ner after they ran, jogged, and walked in the virtual event. Walsworth is committed to supporting Public Counsel because of their dedication to work on issues such as veterans advocacy, community development, early care and education law, homeless prevention law, and consumer law. We are working towards raising $5,000 by November 30 for Public Counsel and would appreciate it if you considered joining us in raising awareness and donating to their great cause. Please use the link below if you have any interest in learning more or donating to Public Counsel.