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Walsworth Prevails on Summary Judgment for Tour Provider and Bus Driver in Personal Injury Claim

Attorney: Robert F. Donohue, Sadaf A. Nejat, Johanna Rodriguez | Published 4.1.21

Walsworth attorneys Robert “Bob” Donohue, Sadaf Nejat, and Johanna Rodriguez recently prevailed on summary judgment in Los Angeles Superior Court in favor of a tour provider and bus driver in a matter involving a tourist’s fall in the Grand Canyon area.

A 25-year old man from another country participated in a two-day camping bus tour that included a stop at the Grand Canyon. During scheduled “free time”, the man left the rim and hiked into the canyon where he lost his balance and sustained serious injuries including amnesia. The complaint named the tour provider and bus driver and alleged failure to warn of the risks of hiking in the Grand Canyon. The alleged injuries were orthopedic and traumatic brain injury and associated medical bills exceeded $900,000.00. Walsworth filed a motion for summary judgment based on the “open and obvious” and “assumption of risk” doctrines. Associate Johanna Rodriguez was instrumental in drafting the reply brief and the motion. In granting the motion the court agreed that the plaintiff’s complaint was barred under both the “open and obvious” and “assumption of risk” doctrines. Congratulations to Bob, Sadaf, and Johanna for this major win!

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