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Walsworth Tops 2019 Law360 Glass Ceiling Report for Minority Attorneys

Published 7.10.19

Walsworth is pleased to have ranked #4 in this year’s Law360 Glass Ceiling report on the best firms for minority attorneys. The firm is proud to be on the leading edge of the legal community and its efforts towards meaningful diversity and inclusion.

Walsworth’s Results – Among Best Law Firms for Minority Attorneys and Partners

In the more than 300 law firms surveyed, the results showed an average of less than 16% minority representation for attorneys and less than 11% representation for partners. 20% of Walsworth partners identify as a racial or ethnic minority which is almost double the national average. Walsworth also earned a top spot for all attorneys with a 24.6% total minority presence. For minority non-partner attorneys, Walsworth reported 29.4% while the average number for firms surveyed was less than 21%.

Walsworth Pledges to Prioritize Firm Diversity

Equity Partner, Jessica Kim, shares her experience as a diverse Walsworth attorney. “As a minority woman attorney, I have found it easier to connect with, and work with, opposing counsel who are also diverse. In several of my cases, I have discussed common experiences as a child of immigrant parents or growing up as the only diverse student in school, with opposing counsel. Once we understand how similar we are, and that we just want the best for our clients, it makes it easier to work amicably and come up with a fair resolution for both sides.”

The firm’s progress towards fair representation would not be possible without a continuing commitment to hiring, retaining and developing diverse attorneys and staff. Through Walsworth’s involvement in the California Minority Counsel Program and National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms, the firm has demonstrated a commitment to diversity that is beyond a formality – it is an essential part of the success and value of the firm to clients and the community.