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Walsworth Tops 2019 Law360 Glass Ceiling Report for the Fourth Consecutive Year

Published 6.3.19

For the fourth consecutive year, Walsworth is pleased to be included in the upper echelon of law firms surveyed, according to Law360’s recently released 2019 Glass Ceiling Report, which examines the overall and female headcount at more than 300 U.S. firms.

Walsworth’s Results – Among Best Law Firms for Female Attorneys and Partners

At the equity partner level, Walsworth’s female representation is more than double the national average, an accomplishment that earned the firm the number three spot in this year’s “The Ceiling Smashers” list. In fact, Walsworth is one of only eight firms, regardless of the number of attorneys, that cultivated 50% or more female equity partner representation. Walsworth’s female equity partners comprise 54% of overall firm ownership.

Walsworth also earned the number four spot for top law firms for women with a 53.6% total female attorney presence.

Law360’s Findings – Continued Slow Progress for Women in Law

In Law360’s 2019 report, women represent just 36.3% of attorneys nationwide. Additionally, when it comes to the most elite members of a law firm, women make up only 24.8% of partners and 21.5% of equity partners. In stark contrast to Walsworth, the report shows that most firms are making sluggish progress year-to-year, and female attorneys, from associates to equity partners, are not reflective of the more than 50% of women graduating law school.

What happens to women between law school and the top tiers of law firms? According to Law360, “Women’s recent inroads into the top ranks of law firms are paltry at best.” Bias from firm decision makers, implicit or unconscious, can create roadblocks for women in law from the hiring process, access to career-building cases, exposure to clients, skills-based evaluations and fair compensation.

Walsworth Recognizes the Benefit of Diversity to Firm Culture and Client Service

Diversity within a law firm maximizes the capabilities of the firm to create an inclusive environment where attorneys can reach their full potential and can most effectively serve and benefit their clients. Walsworth’s commitment over the past 30 years to hiring, retaining and developing women through an active mentoring program, flexible partnership track and diverse hiring and management committees brings tremendous value to both the firm and its clients.

Walsworth pledges to continue its commitment to diversity and keep it integral to firm culture.