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Walsworth Again Ranks in the Top of Law360’s 2020 Glass Ceiling Report and Ranks Nationally in the Law360 Diversity Snapshot

Published 10.19.20

While 2020 has been a pivotal year full of uncertainty and change, Walsworth has remained steady in its pursuit of ensuring women and minorities have a voice in the legal field.  For the fifth year in a row Law360 in its Glass Ceiling Report ranks Walsworth at the top of firms with fewer than 100 attorneys in terms of its female equity partners.  Even more telling is that since reporting its statistics for this report, Walsworth has further increased its number of female equity partners to 74%, up from its December 2019 number of nearly 58%. Walsworth also ranks in the top 20 for firms with under 100 attorneys in Law360’s Diversity Snapshot with minority equity partnership more than double the national average.

Walsworth Tops 2020 Law360 Glass Ceiling Report for the Fifth Consecutive Year

Walsworth is pleased to be included in the upper rankings of law firms surveyed, according to Law360’s recently released 2020 Glass Ceiling Report, which examines the overall and female headcount at more than 300 U.S. firms. Walsworth earned the number 3 spot for law firms with under 100 attorneys, with 57.7% of female equity partners.  This is in contrast to the national average where less than a quarter of equity partners are women.

While Walsworth is proud to be ranked in the top 3 for law firms of 100 attorneys or less, the firm anticipates that next year its ranking may be higher since Walsworth’s female equity partnership has grown from 57.7% to 74% of overall firm ownership since reporting in December 2019.  This growth is part of Walsworth’s overall commitment to women in leadership positions, including its executive committee being comprised of 66.7% women.

Walsworth’s Results – Among Best Law Firms for Minority Attorneys and Equity Partners

In the more than 300 law firms surveyed, the results show that less than 10% of equity partners identify as a racial or ethnic minority. 21% of Walsworth equity partners identify as a racial or ethnic minority, which is more than double the national average. Walsworth also earned a top spot for all attorneys with a 19% total minority presence.

Walsworth Recognizes the Benefit of Diversity to Firm Culture and Client Service

In this year’s Diversity Snapshot article, Law360 asked the question, “The legal industry faces two direct questions: Where are we now, and where do we want to be?” This question is particularly interesting because all of the statistics for this year’s report were measured as of December 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic and before this most recent period of civil unrest. A lot has happened since more than 300 law firms filled out their annual diversity scorecards. Although we are pleased to be included in the top echelon of the law firms surveyed, we realize that alone is not enough to increase true inclusion and eliminate implicit bias in our offices and communities. We must continue to ask ourselves, “Where do we want to be?” as we move forward towards a better firm and a better reality for our country.

Diversity within a law firm maximizes the capabilities of the firm to create an inclusive environment where attorneys can reach their full potential and can most effectively serve and benefit their clients. Walsworth’s commitment over the past 31 years to hiring, retaining and developing women and minorities through an active mentoring program, flexible partnership track and diverse hiring and management committees brings tremendous value to both the firm and its clients.

Walsworth pledges to continue its commitment to diversity and keep it integral to firm culture.