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Preparing for Unlikely Travel Emergencies

Attorney: Laurie E. Sherwood | Published 1.31.18

When traveling, what-if’s are probably the last thing on anyone’s mind. How can travelers predict untimely natural disasters or political riots that could potentially cut your trip short? The answer is, you can’t. That is why experts are advising travelers to prepare themselves for the worst case scenarios. And while travelers mainly have the responsibility of safety and preparedness, that isn’t to say that travel agents shouldn’t take some of the responsibility for their clients as well.

Walsworth partner Laurie Sherwood discussed with TravelPulse the responsibility that travel agents had during the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas. Sherwood explains that “personal contact is so important. They were also able to reach out to family members/emergency contacts to reassure them. Having all of the contact readily available made this much easier.”

Sherwood also advises agents to “Provide accurate and detailed information regarding trips, including the risks associated with the specific travel locations to travelers,” and to “Have a plan in place for dealing with emergencies.”

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