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Walsworth’s greatest asset is our people. We are continually looking for talented and enthusiastic individuals with a commitment to excellence to add to our team of attorneys, paralegals and other staff. We have created a work environment that offers the best to our clients and brings out the best in our people. We believe in teamwork and seek individuals who are committed to the success of the firm as well as their own personal goals.

We believe that hiring and retaining diverse talent—at all levels—is the only way to create an exceptional team best suited for our clients’ needs. Through a family-friendly firm culture, we are able to recruit and retain the best attorneys and non-attorney staff members from a vast pool of applicants.

We invest in our people by mentoring and training our attorneys to ensure a smooth transition into their practice groups and the firm itself. We also offer issue-focused seminars and other formal training programs to promote learning and professional growth.