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Our Values and Mission

Core Values

Walsworth’s core values of honesty and integrity, as well as the appreciation of people and relationships, have contributed to our successful history of delivering high-quality, cost-effective services tailored to achieve our clients’ specific goals. These same values serve as the basis for the way we conduct business, how we represent clients, and how we treat every person.

Mission Statement

Walsworth is committed to recognizing and celebrating the multitude of backgrounds and experiences that enhance our personal and professional relationships. Our diverse and inclusive employee base – with its wide range of approaches and perspectives – allows us to provide necessary support to one another, and a competitive edge to our valued clients.

We strive to provide a forward-thinking, diverse, and inclusive firm, both within the legal profession and our community at large by embracing and normalizing the differences which make each of us unique, and ensuring a space for all at our firm. We are committed to leveraging our diversity to develop bold and innovative solutions to the challenges of our world – now and into the future.