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Q&A: Hot Legal Issues Under the Trump Administration

Attorney: Sage R. Knauft | Published 3.20.17

Walsworth partner Sage Knauft was quoted in the Orange County Business Journal’s Mar. 20 Q&A on hot issues under the Trump administration.

As lawyers watch policy changes and new initiatives that might affect their practices as the Trump administration’s direction takes early shape, the OCBJ asked Orange County attorneys for what they believe will be some of the most impactful issues emanating from the White House.

“With stories of Russian hacks and interference with the U.S. election process continuing to dominate the news cycle, cybersecurity has become a major topic of interest in this age of increased threats caused by the theft and dissemination of private digital information,” explained Knauft. He went on to explain that “in apparent recognition of the importance of increasing the nation’s cyber defenses, the Trump administration has issued a draft executive order that will set up a series of review panels designed to identify the most critical U.S. cyber vulnerabilities and threats that may be looking to exploit them.”

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