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Walsworth Partners Sage Knauft and Laurie Sherwood to Present on Regulating Employee Off-Duty Conduct

Attorney: Sage R. Knauft, Laurie E. Sherwood | Published 2.20.18

Walsworth partners Sage R. Knauft and Laurie E. Sherwood will be presenting the topic “Big Brother Is Watching: Do Employers Have the Right to Police Employee Off-Duty Conduct?” Sage and Laurie will address the issues relating to how far an employer may legally go to monitor and discipline employees for off-duty conduct, and how to handle wrongful termination and discrimination claims that arise when employers cross the line.

Attendees will learn about applicable California and federal laws and the best practices for navigating the delicate balance between employees’ off-duty conduct and the need to maintain a safe, productive, and secure work environment. The presentation will include a number of case studies of actual and hypothetical claims arising from employees who are disciplined or terminated for off-duty conduct.

For more information, please contact Sage Knauft at (714) 634-2522 or Laurie Sherwood at (415) 781-7072.