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Walsworth Ranks No. 2 in Law360’s Glass Ceiling Report and “The Ceiling Smashers”

Published 8.25.22

Walsworth is pleased to announce it was ranked second out of 58 firms with 100 or fewer attorneys in Law360’s 2022 Glass Ceiling Report, a nationwide ranking based on female representation at all attorney levels, and Law360’s “The Ceiling Smashers,” which ranked firms with 100 or fewer attorneys based on the percentage of women in their equity partnerships.

This marks the seventh consecutive year that Walsworth has received a ranking in the Glass Ceiling Report.

“Our commitment to gender equity and advancement is ingrained in our core values,” said Managing Partner Dee Cohen Katz. “We believe that members of our firm, clients and business partners all benefit greatly as a result of these values and appreciate the recognition in this year’s rankings.”

Law360’s Glass Ceiling Report ranks firms nationwide based on a “pipeline score,” which measures the number of percentage points a firm exceeds or falls below Law360’s benchmarks for several categories of female attorneys including total partners, equity partners, non-equity partners, and associates. Law360’s benchmarks were established through a complex methodology that analyzed data from the American Bar Association, and Law360’s historical survey data.

Walsworth’s pipeline score in the 2022 Glass Ceiling Report was a 19.7. By comparison, the next highest pipeline score was 8.3, among firms with 100 or fewer attorneys.

Women composed 77.8 percent of equity partners, 61.9 percent of non-equity partners, and 81.3 percent of associates at Walsworth as of December 31, 2021, compared with Law360’s benchmarks of 43.3 percent, 46.1 percent, and 52.4 percent, respectively.

As a result of Walsworth’s top rankings in both reports, Partner Kendra Bray was interviewed for an Aug. 22 Law360 article titled “These Firms Go Above And Beyond To Retain Female Attys,” which covers unique retention initiatives that firms of all sizes have implemented.

In the article, Bray discussed her decade-long legal career at Walsworth from an associate to partner and practice group leader, and the firm’s partnership track.

“I have always appreciated the clarity and opportunity in Walsworth’s culture,” said Bray. “Attorneys at all levels understand what it takes to get ahead and receive the necessary support to succeed.”